Carolyn Ferris

Carolyn Ferris

Moonalice and Doobie Decibel System Artist
I live in Fairfax, California.  I’ve worked with Timothy Leary over a span of about six years, created work for Santana, The Fillmore, and The Warfield. I joined the incredible Moonalice poster artist pool in 2009; within it, I find sanctuary with great music and adventure. In the years I’ve been with Moonalice, my style to date has now changed three times!  I started making posters with computer art using photoshop. In 2014, I used arylic on canvas to create posters.  By 2015, I put away those acrylics and I’m now creating posters using ink on paper,  I now hand draw the lettering. Wes Wilson taught me how to make an ink poster, one image up with the copy included.  I continue to work with Wes on various art projects. 

More of my images may be found on: –   http://moonaliceposters.com/artists/ferris-carolyn  –

Join Carolyn on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolynferrisart 

SF Chronicle :  my solo art show w/ Roger McNamee on solo guitar! San Francisco Chronicle

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